Bloom Maternity Gowns, Margaret River Australia

Hello I'm Alison and I live with my family in beautiful Margaret River, WA. 

I learnt to sew from an early age watching my craft obsessed mother and begging her to let me "help." We would spend weekends going to workshops and learning skills from lots of amazing women. I went on to study fashion after I was done with my "proper" science degree. This included a few brief stints at the London College of Fashion while I was travelling because I just couldn't stop making things! 

My mother has recently taken an interest in my work and helps me out every now and then. Rest assured she keeps me on my toes for generating perfect, never ever ever fall apart products that really should have cost you 17 million dollars in perfectionism hours made!

Sometimes there is blood and sweat -don't worry not on your gowns! Sometimes there are tears but, overall every item has a whole heap of handmade love poured into it with the knowledge that a beautiful little new human being is going to be cradled, loved and proudly photographed while the gown is being worn. 

I take great pride in the quality of my workmanship and my customer service. Everything you see is handmade and I proudly source all of my supplies from Australian companies. 

Welcome to Bloom!

Ali xx